This is another installment in a series that has been adapted from my 11-part MP3 teaching series on A. W. Tozer’s spiritual classic, The Pursuit of God.

Next comes the Ministry Maturing phase. Here, the task is to grow up with respect to serving God by developing your exterior “ministry proficiency.” As a maturing person, you must discipline yourself in the realm of biblical knowledge, ministry skills, proven techniques, and valuable resources. This is the season where you should begin to recognize and express the unique way in which you have been designed to contribute to the Body of Christ. As you integrate all of God’s good gifts (i.e., your deepest convictions, your unique enablement, your providential life experience, your educational background, your network of relationships, your complementary skills, etc.), you should sense a growing clarity regarding God’s sovereign call for you.

For example, if God has gifted you to teach, you should be aware of several things by the time you reach this phase. First of all, you should have observed that your gift of teaching has been present within you from your earliest days, albeit sometimes cloaked in not-so- obvious expressions. Secondly, you should have recognized that your gift of teaching is highly conditioned as to what topics you prefer to teach, what ages you are most comfortable teaching, what environments motivate your teaching, what teaching style comes most naturally to you. And finally, you should have sensed that your gift of teaching expresses itself as something you “love to do” and “do well,” as you define well. This means that it is much more than something you “can do” or even something you “can do well.” It will feel more like a mission, a destiny, a calling, a “must do.”

Furthermore, as you continue to express your teaching gift, you should become very aware of your dependence upon God. For even though teaching gift is God given, it still must be God powered to be pleasing to him. You must recognize that your effort alone, no matter how disciplined and committed, is not enough to meet the needs of those who come hungry for God. Thus the stewardship of your gift must involve extended time on your knees in communion with him. But what happens after you’ve taught for a while? You’ll be tempted to depend upon your technique and experience, rather than the power of the Holy Spirit. And the day you stop being totally dependent upon the Spirit is the day you stall out in this phase and fail to progress to the next phase.

Have you sought to identify, develop, and express your God-given gifts?

Wishing you God's grace and peace,

Ken Boa
Reflections Ministries


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