Len Sykes

A long time associate of Dr. Boa, Len focuses on mentoring and discipling men. He also leads men's prayer retreats, teaching a Friday morning men's fellowship group, offers Christian Life Coaching for men, and writes a monthly teaching letter.

Answering Islam

A good source for information on Islam and answers to questions commonly raised in dialogue with Muslims.


This site features articles that interact with issues related to postmodernism.

The Barna Group

The Barna Research Group gathers and distributes research on trends that affect the church.


The apologetics web site of Robert Bowman, Jr. which features links, suggestions for teaching apologetics, and a forum for asking apologetics questions.

C.S. Lewis Institue

Contains information on Intelligent Design arguments and some general apologetics.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This web site features Christian classics online.


Chuck Colson’s web site contains various resources on the relationship of the culture to the Christian worldview.

Christianity Today

The home page for Christianity Today and other publications that address issues from an evangelical perspective.

Christian Research Institute

The web site of the Christian Research Institute. It contains resources on religious movements and non-Christian cults.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

The web site for the apologetics ministry of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Spiritual Counterfeits Project

Spiritual Counterfeits Project is a ministry that focuses on answering Eastern religious movements, cults and New Age religions from a Christian perspective.

Reasons to Believe

This apologetic site gives scientific evidence for the existence of God. It is the home page of Christian Astrophysicist Hugh Ross.


Movie reviews by a former actor named Michael Elliot. Elliot looks for components of the movie that are consistent with Christian principles.


Movie reviews by a Christian from a non-critical approach. This site views movies as points of contact with the culture.

Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas speaks and writes on issues related to evangelical spirituality.

The Upper Room

A web site that contains materials related to spiritual formation.

Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute's mission is to make a positive vision of the future practical. The Institute discovers and promotes ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty. Our mission is promoted through books, reports, legislative testimony, articles, public conferences and debates, plus media coverage and the Institute's own publications and award-winning Internet website.

Search Ministries

Search Ministries was created to help men and women who are searching for meaningful answers to life's tough questions.


For serious bible study with thousands of resources featuring a full online Bible.Features a translation of the Bible produced for the Web, numerous articles on every book of the Bible and on a wide array of biblical topics, and other study resources.

L'Abri Fellowship

Contains information about L'Abri Fellowship ministries.

Leadership U

A source for articles on various topics related to developing a Christian worldview.Academically solid articles and essays on apologetics, biblical studies, philosophy, and science. Features the faculty offices of numerous Christian Professors, including William Lane Craig.


Essays and other resources by leading apologists on the subjects of Gods existence, the Bible, Jesus, science, worldviews, world religions, new religions, and different Christian denominations.

Probe Ministries

Resources on apologetics, culture, religion, philosophy, and theology; includes PowerPoint presentations (mostly on science and ethics).

Stand to Reason

Popular apologetics web site of Grek Koukl, with resources on apologetics, culture, ethics, philosophy, science, and theology.

Biblical Studies.org.uk

Links to books, periodical articles, and web-based resources on biblical studies.

Fallacy Detective

Books, articles, and blogs on logic; logic discussion boards; logic in the news; audio logic workshops.

John M. DePoe

Excellent apologetics site focusing on philosophical issues, with a noteworthy blog, links to apologetics organizations, philosophy resources, and Christian scholars, and resources on the existence of God, the coherence of theism, the incoherence of naturalism, and other topics.

Calvin College Philosophy Department

Calvin College's philosophy departments set of links to over 170 articles on philosophical topics from a Christian perspective.

Apologetics Index

A to Z list of religions, religious leaders and teachers, and religion-related topics, with overviews and links to further resources, including news articles.

Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies

Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies

Guided Bible Studies

Guided bible studies online.

The Apologetics Study Bible

The Apologetics Study Bible will be one of the most significant contributions to the ever-growing field of Christian apologetics, not only because of its combination of notes and articles by a remarkably wide range of scholars, but also because of the way it embeds these resources within the biblical text. This unprecedented integration of balance, breadth, depth, and melding with Scripture will make The Apologetics Study Bible a powerful and relevant tool for students from all backgrounds.

Debating Christianty and Religion

The purpose of the forum is for people of any worldview to engage in a civil debate on Christianity.

Christ Church of Atlanta

Ken Boa's home church and the source of his Sunday School Videos

Ariel Ministries

Intensive bible study from a messianic Jewish perspective

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