The community of the Spirit is the fellowship of those who are called by Christ; human community of spirit is the fellowship of devout souls.  In the community of Spirit there burns the bright love of brotherly service, agape; in human community of spirit there glows the dark love of good and evil desire, eros.  In the former there is ordered, brotherly service, in the latter disordered desire for pleasure; in the former humble subjection to the brethren, in the latter humble yet haughty subjection of a brother to one’s own desire.  In the community of the Spirit the Word of God alone rules; in human community of spirit there rules, along with the Word, the man who is furnished with exceptional powers, experience, and magical, suggestive capacities.  There God’s Word alone is binding; here, besides the Word, men bind others to themselves.  There all power, honor, and dominion are surrendered to the Holy Spirit; here spheres of power and influence of a personal nature are sought and cultivated. . . . In the spiritual realm the Spirit governs; in human community, psychological techniques and methods.  In the former naïve, unpsychological, unmethodological, helping love is extended toward one’s brother; in the latter psychological analysis and construction; in the one the service of one’s brother is simple and humble; in the other service consists of a searching, calculating analysis of a stranger.  (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Wishing you God's grace and peace,

Ken Boa
Reflections Ministries


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