Lord God, where can I find life but in You? Teach me the error of seeking to reduce You to manageable proportions and to make the invisible visible. Protect me from the subtle forms of idolatry in which I worship and serve something in Your created order above You. I know that only one thing can occupy the center of my being and that if it is not You, it is an idol that is not worthy of my allegiance. I thank You that when I do succumb to the sins of disobedience, Your grace always reaches further than my rebellion. Still, I desire to delight in You above all else, and I am grateful for the gift of Your Word that guides me in the way I should go. Your revelation teaches me how to live and gives me the perspective I so greatly need in a world of uncertainty.

Have you committed the error of seeking to reduce God to manageable proportions in your life?

Wishing you God's grace and peace,

Ken Boa
Reflections Ministries


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